Actionable data, not static reports

Research is wasted if it doesn’t result in actions. We don't just tell you what your users need: we deliver everything you need to know about them inside a bespoke research repository that helps things get done.

What we do for you

We aren’t satisfied with just delivering a PowerPoint or a workshop.

Our UX research projects keep delivering value long after we’ve left the building. We’ve created an action-focused process and developed our own research repository to help your findings come alive. We’ll still give you a report, but ours are different - they improve automatically each time our platform does.
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Our process

We’ve developed our unique approach to UX research whilst working at some of the world’s biggest companies. We used this process to build Filo, and we can use it to help you too.
Start with what you have already

We take your existing work and process it into a Filo. Previous agency projects, induction documents, reports and presentations: all of it gets processed into a “single source of truth” which your whole organisation can use - and which shows where more research is needed.

Industry Map
Contextualise your business
Data Analysis
Metrics to measure success
Problems you need to solve
Gap Analysis
Where more research is needed

All inside a fully-functioning digital repository that your whole company can use

Expand your understanding with video

When we talk with your customers, we’re interested in everything. We’ll fill the gaps identified during the audit, but we’ll also capture anything and everything that’s relevant to your business - and then curate the findings for you. Everything we learn is processed into a UX research repository containing videos, journey maps, roadmaps, and more.

Video Library
Connect with your customers
Business Cases
Bottom-lines for every insight
Journey Maps
Contextualise your findings
Product Roadmaps
Move from problem to product

All inside a fully-functioning digital repository that your whole company can use

Design and iterate solutions

Research is only useful if it makes something happen - and we can help with that too. If you need help turning customer problems into consumer products, our designers can deliver anything from basic wireframes to fully-realised prototypes - and even test these with your users.

Wireframes of products and services
Ready to test with your users
User Feedback
Evidence that solutions work
Technical Advice
To help implement your designs

All traceable back to specific user insights, and measured using hard data

Turn concepts into products...

We’re a truly full-service agency: we can take you all the way from research to fully-developed commercial product. We built Filo ourselves following the principles outlined here, and we can help you create an industry-leading solution to any of the problems our research identifies.

Mobile Apps
Fully responsive and device agnostic
Product Iterations
Improvements to current features
Frontend Sandboxes
Ready to plug-in to your existing backend
Full-stack Solutions
On industry leading cloud platforms

All traceable back to specific user insights, and measured using hard data


All Inside Your Own Custom Repository

We built Filo because every company we’ve worked for needed a “single source of truth” for their insights. Every project we conduct will be delivered to you like this - safe, secure, and even in-line with your company brand.

What you’re used to seeing as a static PDF will now be an interactive UX research repository that gets better with every update. Roadmaps, presentations, journey maps and videos - all inside a research repository your whole company can use.

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Want to know more?

We’re passionate about research - so much so that we built our own app to take it to the next level. If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you then just drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.
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