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  • Upload documents, audio, images and spreadsheets; stream videos
  • Generate transcripts and use custom tags to create insights
  • Create journey maps, presentations and roadmaps
  • Share and manage remote access to collaborate with colleagues



On Demand

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  • A custom FILO in your company’s own branding
  • SSO, encrypted storage, and dedicated domain name
  • Integrations with your internal data and analytics tools
  • Bespoke features designed around your specific needs

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  • Secure encrypted video hosting
  • Premium features beyond current beta functionality
  • Flexible payments with no minimum seat requirements
  • Unlimited free “viewer” accounts

Pay us when we deliver

A standard subscription for FILO - which includes full access to all the features currently live - is completely free. We started building our product because we weren’t happy with the other UX research tools out there (or the amount they charge for the functionality they provide). We think a repository should help you do a whole lot more than just transcribe and store insights, so our model is different.
We’re researchers ourselves, and we’ve spent our entire career seeing first-hand how difficult it can be to achieve real impact. We think that the right tools can help researchers do more with your work: not just help you do the same thing you're doing now a little faster.
That’s our vision for FILO - and that’s why any Pro subscription we offer in the future will be based around extra functionality than what’s currently available in the Standard package (which will always be free to use).
We don’t want to charge you for the basics. We want you to help us get those basics right so that we can go much, much further. The more feedback we get, the faster this process will be - and we’re not going to charge you for helping.