What’s under the hood

We’re launching new features all the time - and we’ve launched a lot already. If what you need is missing from the list below then just drop us a line and we’ll tell you where it is in our backlog.

Research Repository

Document Uploads

Upload written documents in .doc, .docx, and .txt format.

Spreadsheet Uploads

Upload spreadsheet data in .csv format

Secure storage

All uploaded files are encrypted at rest and fully compliant with ISO and SOC standards

Centralised Downloads

Uploaded files can be stored securely and re-downloaded by your team (with access controlled centrally by you)

Video Streaming

Attach videos from your company GDrive or from your Loom account directly to your insights

Powerful Search

Search across the entire repository: including inside any uploaded documents

Analysis Tools

Automated Transcripts

Automatically generate codable transcripts of all your uploaded documents - with footnotes and columns intact

Transcript Coding

Code your transcripts using a customisable tagging system

Global Tagging

Define your own tags and then reuse them whilst analysing any transcript

Central Tag Management

Rename, merge, and delete your tags using a centralised tag management system

“Atomic” Insights

Use tags to create a series of “atomic” insights. Describe these using text, images, audio or video

Custom Taxonomies

Use a combination of tags, folders, and “atomic” insights to create your own bespoke taxonomy

Quantitative Metrics

Assign each atomic insight to a particular quantitative metric, allowing its impact to be measure

“Pirate” Metrics

Use an abridged version of “Pirate” metrics in order to measure growth

Costs Analysis

Assign insights to specific expenditure categories, including customer service calls and time lost

Analytics Dashboard

Visualise the impact your insights have on your business using tree diagrams and bar charts

Coming Q4 2020

Participant CRM

Manage all of your participant’s details centrally and track each contact made with them

Coming Q1 2021

Link Insights to People

Assign each source and insight to a specific participant; link every quote to a profile of the person who provided it

Coming Q1 2021

Sharing & Collaboration

Instant Presentations

Curate a selection of insights from your repository into a full-screen presentation - complete with video

Remote Management

Share your presentations via dedicated, password protected links. Manage access remotely.

Automatic Updates

Update an insight in your repository and each presentation it features in will update automatically

Comments & Notifications

Leave comments on insights and be notified when someone reponds (notifications coming Q1 2021)

Export to Powerpoint

Export your presentations directly to PowerPoint and edit the results

Export to

Export all of your insights from the repository as a CSV file

Privacy & Security

Encryption at Rest

All data uploaded is encrypted at rest and in transit via HTTPS. Fully ISO 27001 and SOC certified.

Manage Permissions

Global view of everyone who has access to your repository with remotely managable permissions

Restrict Access

Restrict access to sensitive data when sharing access to your repository

Fully GDPR Compliant

Manage all participant data centrally and delete from the entire repository when required

Coming Q4 2020

Anonymise at Source

Automatically anonymise participant data when uploading their details

Coming Q1 2021

Centralised Consent

Attach consent forms from your fieldwork directly to your participant records

Coming Q1 2021

Journey & Experience Mapping

Journey Mapping

Create journey maps to describe your customers experiences, and assign insights from your repository to the relevant sections

Remote Sharing

Share your maps with colleagues. Password protect and manage access remotely

Full-screen Presentation

Present your journey in a full-screen view that can scale to any resolution and display size

Impact Mapping

Assign an insight to your map and the impact it has on your business will automatically apply to the task described

Coming Q4 2020


Coming Q1 2021

Map the different journeys users can take through your products, and assign insights to specific screens


Assign each map to a specific person or role from your participant CRM

Coming Q1 2021